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Tools and resources to assist in the education of LMI

Our educational resources have been designed to help you assist and support home buyers understand LMI, the home buying process and their options.


Lenders Mortgage Insurance Video

This video aims to provide prospective home buyers an understanding on:

  • How LMI enables accelerated access to purchasing a home
  • Detailing who is covered
  • Impacts of a shortfall.

The home buying process can be both challenging and stressful. At Genworth we have a number of resources we have created to help you and your customers navigate this process.

Lenders Mortgage Insurance

  • Fact Sheet – Frequently Asked Questions about LMI
  • Infographic – LMI

Family Assistance

  • Fact Sheet – Frequently Asked Questions about Family Assistance
  • Infographic – Family Assistance
  • Family Loan Template
  • Repayment Schedule

2021/2022 - It's My Home Magazine

  • Filled with informative articles to assist in navigating the home buying process. Created to help support you and your customers.

Tools and resources to help provide financial insights into what options are best for you and your customers.

Deposit Comparison Estimator

  • Is it better to buy a home now or to save a larger deposit?
  • What other options are available?
  • Find out which options could suit you or your customers circumstances by using our simple estimator.

LMI Fee Estimator

  • Give home buyer an indication of the LMI premium payable.

Servicing Estimator

  • Provides an indication as to whether a home buyer may be able to meet their loan repayments


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It’s My Home magazine

Our annual It’s My Home magazine is one of a number of tools and resources we have created to help you support your customers. It is filled with informative articles to assist in navigating the home buying process more easily.

It’s My Home magazine is provided free of charge for you to distribute to your network.

If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email at


2021/2022 - It's My Home

Genworth’s seventh edition features easy to understand and informative articles covering property inspections, home loan products and features, and the roles that mortgage brokers, solicitors and conveyancers play in purchasing a property. There are also some great lifestyle articles on DIY styling and the art of decluttering. To receive a digital copy or order free hard copies please click below.

View all previous It's My Home Magazine editions

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