LMI proposals and policy variations

The following section provides details of the relevant documentation that needs be sent to Genworth when submitting a lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) proposal.  

LMI proposal form

For lenders use when applying for LMI on a new or additional loan.

LMI variation request form

For lenders use when making an amendment to an existing LMI policy.

LMI proposal checklist

In order to make the submission of an LMI proposal more efficient, the checklist below provides you with details of the relevant documentation and the order that it needs be sent to Genworth.

LMI proposal and variations - hints and tips 

Getting it right the first time means a quicker decision for your customers.  Below are some hints and tips to help your complete the LMI proposal and variations forms. 

LMI variation request form – New Zealand

For lenders use when making an amendment to an existing LMI policy, in New Zealand.


Need further information?

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