Cancellations and refunds

A guide for cancellations and refunds

If you are a borrower, please direct all cancellation and refund enquiries to your lender. Any enquiries received by Genworth from borrowers regarding refunds or cancellations will be forwarded to the lender to address.

Some lenders that have Genworth Lenders Mortgage Insurance may receive a partial refund if the loan is terminated within the first two years. 

Other lenders with Genworth Lenders Mortgage Insurance may not receive a refund due to an arrangement to receive a larger up-front discount (instead of the right to a refund). In this case, the amount of this discount would have been reflected in the fee passed on to the borrower.

Borrowers should check with their lender to find out if they have Lenders Mortgage Insurance with Genworth and if the refund policy applies.



For further details please contact Genworth on 1300 655 422 between 9am and 5pm Monday - Friday or by email at, or contact your Genworth Corporate Partnership Manager.

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