A webinar from Tim Frazer, Property Services Leader at Genworth on the importance of valuations, the impact of inflated valuations, changes within the industry and much more.

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What do Australians really think about homeownership?

Our latest Streets Ahead report reveals 71% of first homebuyers think the Australian dream of owning your own home is realistic, up from 63% in September 2013.

To find out more about the sentiments of Australian property and non-property owners about their mortgage and the overall mortgage market, watch this webinar on the key findings from the latest March 2014 Streets Ahead report.

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Hardship Program

Genworth's Hardship Program is designed to help borrowers who are experiencing difficulties in meeting their mortgage repayments due to unforeseen circumstances or an unexpected life event.

Play this webinar to find out more about the options available for borrowers in financial difficulty.

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Borrower Sale

When it is clear a borrower is experiencing difficulties meeting their mortgage repayments and is not able to rectify their situation, it may be in their best interest to make the decision to sell their home as soon as possible. This decision may reduce or avoid any potential shortfall by utilising equity in their home and achieving a better sale price.

Play this webinar to find out more about the options available in the Genworth Borrower Sale program.

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Fraud Awareness

Being aware of fraud is very important when looking at mortgage applications. Genworth’s resident fraud expert, Trevor LeRaye will take you through some of the key red flags to look out for to help prevent fraud in your business, and take you through some of the interesting examples he has seen in his 30 year career.

Watch this webinar to find out more about what to be aware of when it comes to fraud.

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