No refund is payable where:

  • separate arrangements are in place with the lender for a reduced premium rate in lieu of taking premium refunds.
  • the loan is repaid within one year of the maturity date of the mortgage; or
  • the notification of cancellation of the policy is received by Genworth more than 3 months after repayment of the insured loan; or
  • the refund amount is less than $500.00; or
  • a loss has eventuated; or
  • the loan has been reported to Genworth to have had arrears.

Any enquiries made to Genworth from borrowers regarding refunds will be forwarded to the lender to address.

See the below for the current refund rate table, which is subject to change from time to time:

Period from date of premium payment to date when loan has been repaid in full Refund payable*
1 year or less 40%
Over 1 year to 2 years 20%

* Based on the total LMI premium paid less any rebate paid to the lender.

Where do I send policy cancellations?

All refunds (where payable) are made only to the financial institution. The lender should advise Genworth as soon as the loan has been fully repaid so that the policy can be cancelled in our system and any refund due calculated. Please include your loan number, Genworth reference number, the borrower name and the date of the final payment.

The most efficient option for sending discharge/cancellation details is to email your data to the dedicated Customer Service team at The team can also be contacted on 1300 655 422 (AUS). As long as all of the required data fields (see below) are submitted, hardcopies of cancellation forms do not need to be submitted.

What information do I need to send in?

If you can provide the Genworth LMI policy number, the following details are required:

  • Genworth LMI policy number
  • Your reference number
  • Discharge date
  • Borrower name
  • Borrower address
  • Your contact name
  • Your contact address

If you are unable to provide the Genworth LMI policy number the following details are required:

  • Your reference number
  • Borrower name
  • Borrower address
  • Security address and postcode
  • Loan amount
  • Discharge date

How can I send a cancellation request?

There are two ways to send cancellation requests - as a batch, or individually.

If you would like to send cancellation requests as part of a batch please use the Batch Policy Cancellation spreadsheet.

If you would like to send a request to cancel an individual policy, please use the Policy Cancellation form.


For further details please contact Genworth on 1300 655 422 (AUS) between 9am and 5pm Monday - Friday or by email at, or contact your local Genworth sales representative.

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