eLMI is a web-based portal which allows you to easily submit LMI proposals, receive proposal advices, search policy data, use the online premium calculator and make hardship & claim submissions. eLMI is an easy, reliable and secure method of interacting with Genworth.

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Some of the benefits for using the eLMI are:

  • Ability to electronically submit claims
  • Ability to electronically submit hardship applications
  • Removes the need to fax and promotes a paperless environment
  • Immediate response is delivered when a decision is made by Genworth
  • Promotes a streamlined process for credit assessors
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to track LMI proposal submission/advice history for all users
  • View real time data and policy statuses
  • Genworth Premium calculator customised for each lender, minimising errors.



"The eLMI Portal has brought several improvements to our processes. To name a few it:

  • Reduces costs - less paper and printer usage
  • Provides convenience - live database to review current/prior policies & submissions
  • Increases efficiency - uploading documents electronically achieves faster turnaround times when compared to fax/manual submissions."

Teachers Mutual Bank

“The new Genworth eLMI Portal has dramatically improved the submission process at Teachers Mutual Bank. Using the Genworth eLMI Portal is a simple, clear and fast process and has greatly improved team time management.”

Features include:

Proposal submission

Submit new Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) proposals and support documents via a secured portal. Search LMI proposal submission history

Proposal advice

Receive notifications of LMI decisions via email with a PDF advice attachment. Review and download historical decisions via the Portal for all users

Policy search

Access real-time policy information, premium history, top up policies and borrower information

Premium calculator

An integrated calculator that returns premium and premium credit data based on policy history

Servicing calculator

A calculator that provides an indication on whether a loan application will meet Genworth's servicing criteria

Hardship submission

Submit hardship application and support documents via a secured portal. Search hardship submission history

Claims submission

Submit claims application and support documents via a secured portal. Search claim submission history


For more information on eLMI or if you would like to see a demonstration, please contact your Genworth Relationship Manager or click here to send through your contact details and one of our eLMI experts will call you.

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