Your property is now on the market for sale.

What should you expect from your real estate agent?

Weekly open homes

  • The majority of home buyers are out looking on the weekend, don’t be the only house not open
  • An open home creates a sense of urgency from a prospective buyer, given the number of other buyers viewing your home that day
  • This is your opportunity to have the home presented in its best light
  • Expect a phone call from your real estate agent at the end of the day to provide a quick update of the number of buyers that have attended.

Weekly meetings

  • Your agent should provide you with feedback from that week’s open home which details buyers’ estimated value and general feedback – expect positive and negative remarks
  • Discuss the marketing plan scheduled for the upcoming week
  • Raise and address any concerns you have about the campaign
  • Price – it is important to gauge buyer price feedback and make changes to the advertised price to reflect this
  • Buyer feedback – review and see if there is any common feedback from buyers and determine what can be done to address this.

Weekly reports

  • A report detailing the buyer feedback since the campaign commenced
  • A running total of marketing costs to date so there are no unexpected surprises
  • Any comparable homes that have sold recently and how they compare to your home.

General contact

  • Your selling agent should be contacting you every 2-3 days with feedback, updates and general information on the market. Remember that you are the client and you shouldn’t need to contact your agent to get information about your sale.

Questions to ask your agent

  1. Have there been any offers on my home?
  2. Where are the majority of buyer enquiries coming from?
  3. Is there anything I can do to generate more enquiries on the home?
  4. Buyer feedback appears positive, yet I am not getting any offers. What do I need to do?
  5. What price range are buyers seeing value for my home?
  6. Do I need to review my price?
  7. What price should my home be listed at given the feedback we have received?
  8. How is the market in my area at the moment?
  9. Are homes selling?




  • Have you appointed an agent or solicitor?
  • Has a contract of sale been received?
  • Have you been provided with a copy of the sales agreement?
  • Does your agent have a set of keys and the alarm code?
  • Have you discussed with your agent what they should do with your pet(s)?


  • Has the marketing schedule been provided by the agent?
  • Have you reviewed and approved all marketing correspondence?
  • Have photos been taken?
  • Has a signboard been erected out the front?
  • Has marketing commenced?
  • Is my property advertised in the local newspaper?
  • Is my property advertised on or

Weekly activities

  • Are open homes scheduled?
  • Have weekly meetings with my agent been scheduled?
  • Maintenance?
  • Lawns and gardens tidy?
  • House clean?
  • Pool clean?
  • Carpets cleaned?
  • Other


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