Presenting your property for sale

Remember first impressions count. A professional real estate agent will know the best way to present your home for sale, but here are a few tips to help you get your property ready for sale and ensure it stays fresh in the minds of potential buyers.

Street appeal

Making a good impression as people arrive or drive past is key to getting people inside. Fix fences, mow lawns and tidy gardens. Remove personal items, scattered clutter and rubbish such as garbage bins, plants in old plastic pots, toys and bikes.


We collect a lot of things throughout our lifetime, but not everyone needs to see them. Remove items of little importance and keep the things that promote the home in its best light. However, make sure the home still feels like it is lived in. Fridge magnets, old magazines, collectables, wall posters, floor rugs are some items you may want to remove. Store what items you can in closets, garages or friends’ homes.

Keep it clean

A little elbow grease will go a long way. Clean all areas of the house thoroughly. Areas of most significance are your kitchen and bathroom. Remove cobwebs, clean windows and shampoo carpets where necessary. Keep pet beds outside and ask your real estate agent if there are any odours you may not notice. It is better to hear this from your agent than prospective buyers.

Create a sense of space

Your current furniture arrangement may be good for you now, but think about how it flows. Relocate or remove pieces of furniture that clutter the home or won’t allow for prospective buyers to move freely throughout. Buyers look for a sense of space and an over furnished home, no matter how big it is, will always feel small.


Not every home requires a new coat of paint, however, the brown feature wall or pink or blue kids room may benefit from a once over to enhance its style. Neutral colours are always recommended. Flaky paintwork outside should be sanded back and repainted.


New plants and mulch in gardens always enhances the look of a property. Cut your lawns regularly, pull weeds and manicure overhanging trees and shrubs. Clear the roof of leaves, clean gutters and wash down concrete areas. A professional gardener can undertake these for minimal expense or spend the weekend doing it yourself.

Borrow items

Ask your friends or family to borrow pieces of furniture or artwork you think may create a sense of style in your home.


Promote what natural light you have throughout your home and minimise artificial lighting to areas only where necessary. Artificial lighting when used correctly, such as a desk or bedside lamp, can create the right ambience in certain areas of the home.


Major repairs should be dealt with prior to marketing your home. If your budget does not allow for this then ensure your agent is made aware of any potential issues so that the sale price can reflect. It pays to be honest as most buyers will often conduct pest and building reports prior to the sale exchanging.

Remember you do not need to break the budget to enhance the look and feel of your property. Most of the tips above are DIY weekend work. If the above seems a little overwhelming, then ask family or friends to help or arrange a working bee. The results will pleasantly surprise you.


You can improve areas of your home simply by changing a few small items. Bathrooms can benefit by changing old taps with new, kitchens with new cupboard handles or bedrooms with new door handles and blinds. These are low cost items that can steer a buyer in the right direction.


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