Supporting innovation and collaboration

In December 2016, Genworth announced its appointment as a Stone & Chalk corporate partner. Stone & Chalk is the largest fintech hub in Australasia with two locations across Sydney and Melbourne. It is home to 680 residents in over 140 start-ups. As a not-for-profit organisation, Stone & Chalk does not take an equity stake in its start-ups.

During 2017, Genworth worked with Stone & Chalk to deliver a series of programs and training courses designed to expose senior leaders, product owners and other key stakeholders to start-up methodologies and to help accelerate the development of a number of fintech start‑ups.

The Genworth corporate partnership provides Stone & Chalk with a new spectrum of opportunities for the commercialisation of innovation by Australian fintech startups that are seeking flagship customers to help scale their business. From Genworth’s perspective, the partnership provides the opportunity to innovate from the outside‑in by utilising technology to better interact with customers and enhance our service delivery.

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