Environmental sustainability

Genworth is committed to reducing impacts on the environment associated with its business activities

Genworth is committed to reducing impacts on the environment associated with its business activities and to implementing practices to support environmental sustainability.

Genworth recognises climate change poses significant potential risks to the environment, the global economy and to human health and well-being. We also recognise that human activity contributes to global warming.

We believe that a responsible approach to helping preserve the environment is critical to building trust and creating long term value for all of our stakeholders - including consumers, distribution partners, employees and investors.

We continually assess the following environmental matters which are the most significant to our business,

  • Energy consumption
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Water consumption
  • Waste management.

We track our environmental footprint across these areas as an ongoing part of our business and look for opportunities to improve our performance. Some of the programs we have introduced include the following: 

  • We have developed our first greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory for the 2017 calendar year operations. This is a first step in an ongoing process to better understand our environmental impacts and find new ways to operate effectively while minimising resource consumption and GHG emissions generation
  • We have begun to look at different options for purchasing renewable electricity, renewable energy credits, or on-site renewable as feasible for our operations. In addition to electricity sourcing, we will also be looking to various energy efficiency operational changes, fixtures, and appliances that can also reduce energy consumption
  • We have commenced the implementation of energy savings initiatives, including, through the refit of our offices and upgrade of our office equipment, taking the opportunity to ensure we minimise unnecessary consumption of electricity, considering factors like air conditioning, lighting and technology
  • We educate employees to understand and take responsibility for reducing environmental impacts at work. In 2017 we introduced the following initiatives to reduce our indirect greenhouse gas emissions:
    • flexible working arrangements to reduce employee commute and regional congestion;
    • ‘print on demand’ and duplex pre-sets for printing;
    • recycling practices, reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill;
    • installation of audio-visual systems, allowing for a decrease in business travel;
    • implementation of an education and communication strategy to create awareness and improve environmental practices; and
    • improved end of travel facilities to encourage cycling to work.
  • We take environmental sustainability into consideration in establishing supplier relationships, our investment activities, the types of products we source and our business growth strategies, including product development, marketing, investments and operations
  • Our head office at 101 Miller Street, North Sydney has been registered with Green Building Council Australia and has a 5-star Green Star Rating. The building has a 5-star NABERS rating.

More information relating to our environmental sustainability polices and projects can be found in our annual Sustainability Report.

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