Code of conduct

The Board acknowledges the need for high standards of corporate governance practice and ethical conduct by all Directors and employees of Genworth Australia.

The Board has adopted a code of conduct, Integrity First, which sets out Genworth Australia’s commitment to maintaining high levels of integrity and ethical standards in its business practices. The code of conduct sets out for all Directors, management and employees the standards of behaviour expected of them.

The code of conduct sets out Genworth Australia's policies on various matters, including conflicts of interest, public and media comment, use of Genworth Australia's resources, security of information, intellectual property/copyright, discrimination and harassment, corrupt conduct, occupational health and safety and insider trading.

In addition to their obligations under the Corporations Act in relation to inside information, all Directors, employees and consultants have a duty of confidentiality to Genworth Australia in relation to confidential information they possess.

Link to Code of Ethics: Integrity First


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