Environmental sustainability

Genworth is committed to reducing impacts on the environment associated with its business activities and to implementing best practices to support environmental sustainability.

Genworth recognises that climate change poses significant potential risks to the environment, the global economy and to human health and well-being. We also recognise that human activity contributes to global warming.

We believe that a responsible approach to helping preserve the environment is critical to building trust and creating long term value for all of our stakeholders - including consumers, distribution partners, employees and investors.

We are continually assessing and improving programs and actions to meet this objective, including the following:

  • We are assessing Genworth's 'carbon footprint' - a term which measures an enterprise's greenhouse gas emissions as well as various other impacts, and will engage external experts to validate metrics and reduction targets.
  • We educate employees to understand and take responsibility for reducing environmental impacts at work.
  • We take environmental sustainability into consideration in establishing supplier relationships, our investment activities, the types of products we source and our business growth strategies, including product development, marketing, investments and operations.
  • Our head office at 101 Miller Street, North Sydney has been registered with Green Building Council Australia and has a 5-star Green Star Rating. The building has a 5-star NABERS rating.
  • Measures that are being taken at 101 Miller Street include reduced lighting & electricity use, low water consumption, tri-generation electrical supply, improved recycling facilities, on-site bicycle & public transport facilities.

For more information relating to Genworth’s environmental sustainability policies and projects email infoau@genworth.com

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