2015 - its my home

Inside edition 5 you will find information on the costs involved in buying a home, different types of home loan products, and the top 10 questions to ask an agent. There's also tips from OzHarvest on how to fight food waste at home, great ideas for styling on budget and how to use plants to bring the outdoors in.


The A-Z of buying a property

Common lending and mortgage terms

App review

The perils of using unsecured loans or credit cards for a deposit

Luke Mangan’s recipe for the perfect housewarming

How LMI can help you get into your own home sooner

A blockhead’s guide to renovating

First time auction tips and tricks

The role of the mortgage broker

The dos and don’ts of property investment

How do I know what my property is worth?

No home is complete without a garden

Slash your spending and save, save, save

What is a buyer’s agent and do you need one?

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