Corporate responsibilty

Our impact on the community and the environment

Sustainability policy

Genworth recognises the importance of minimising the environmental impact of our operations and business. We understand that our people are central to the success of our business and we are committed to making a positive contribution to the communities of which we are a part of.

Genworth’s Sustainability Policy sets out the commitments of Genworth to operate in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for both present and future generations, across four key areas:

  • The environment;
  • Our people;
  • Community; and
  • Marketplace.

This Policy is reviewed annually by Genworth to ensure that it remains relevant to current and planned business operations.

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Sustainability report

Genworth annually reviews and reports on its performance against each commitment with the aim of achieving continuous improvement


2021 Sustainability report

2020 Sustainability report

2019 Sustainability report

2018 Sustainability report

2017 Sustainability report

Modern Slavery Statement

Genworth annually publishes the actions taken to identify and address modern slavery risks across our business operations and supply chains.


2021 Modern Slavery Statement

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