Product and Partnerships Team

Focusing on our customers

Meet our leadership team

Clair Steenson

Planning and Engagement Leader
0439 591 247

With a focus on customer experience and partnership and harnessing my expertise in leading change to meet strategic goals, I align Genworth activities to current and future customer and market needs.

Strachan Taylor

Strategic Partnership Leader
0407 348 405

Strategic Partnership Leader, focused on collaborating with our lender customers to explore and develop executable risk and capital management strategies that deliver mutual benefit for lenders and their borrowers

Paul Chapman

Strategic Partnership Leader
0422 232 655

With over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry, Paul brings a decent depth of knowledge combined with a strong interest in management & leadership, sales and customer service to his role as Strategic Partnership Manager. Having been both self-employed as well an employee of various organisations prior to joining Genworth, Paul understands the ever-changing dynamics of the company-customer relationship and enjoys helping our customers solve their problems as well as exploring new offerings for borrowers.

Rebecca Mitchell

Strategic Partnership Leader
0428 603 952

Combining my experience in risk and change management, with my strong ability to establish effective stakeholder relationships, I provide a unique combination of expertise to drive business growth and connect strategic vision to viable and optimal customer solutions.

Meet our national team

Annabel Malouf

Corporate Partnership Manager
0411 267 952

Having worked in many areas of banking including in retail, third party and sales, I understand the challenges my customers face in adapting to the ever-changing needs of their customers and our financial regulatory environment. It is this knowledge and experience that my customers find most valuable when tailoring unique support and product solutions to help them grow.

Brendon Bonner

Corporate Partnership Manager
0428 240 905

As a Corporate Partnership Manager, it is a privilege to work with a vast array of passionate, driven Customers. Drawing on my 30+ years industry experience, it is my focus to put myself in the Customers shoes – to listen, learn, explore and provide the best positive outcomes to help them evolve and grow.

Gavin Turrell

Corporate Partnership Manager
0418 436 606

As a Corporate Partnership Manager, I work closely with customers, particularly in the mutual segment. Bringing passion, tenacity and a positive can-do attitude to the customer partnership, I focus on adding value, insight and ideas to help customers meet challenges presented, to grow and to prosper. I believe commitment and empowerment are the key foundational pillars of successful and consistent business delivery.

Jo Fitzroy-Kelly

Corporate Partnership Manager
0400 192 522

On a foundation of trust, transparency and respect, my focus is on how to be the point of difference with customers that provides value and impactful outcomes. My purpose is to enhance, evolve and explore solutions to meet every day needs along with understanding how these fit holistically, and considering “what more can be done?”

Justin Ker

Corporate Partnership Manager
0419 511 246

My role as a Corporate Partnership Manager gives me the opportunity to connect with a variety of stakeholders and allows me to drive strategic initiatives for both Genworth and our customers. The vast range of exposure and areas of focus such as customer experience, new product development, process enhancements energise me to continuing bringing value to our lender partners.

Laura Hyder

Corporate Partnership Manager
0437 804 367

With a dedication to helping our customers achieve their strategic objectives, I believe in the value of collaborative relationships with stakeholders at all levels of an organisation. I foster diversity of thought, which translates into informed decision making throughout the mortgage and property life cycle.