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Streets Ahead Homebuyer Confidence Index report

Genworth’s Homebuyer Confidence Index report, Streets Ahead, is released biannually and outlines the changing attitudes and confidence levels of Australian Homeowners and Non-Property Owners about their mortgage and the overall property market.

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Home Grown Mortgage Industry Perspectives report

Home Grown: Mortgage Industry Perspectives presents the findings of comprehensive mortgage market research surveys and roundtable interviews with people working for lending institutions and brokers.

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International Mortgage Trends Report (IMTR)

The inaugural International Mortgage Trends Report provides a measure of borrower sentiment and mortgage market trends in eight countries across four continents.

The report is based on a survey of more than nine thousand borrowers and would-be borrowers from Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the UK and the US, gauging borrower attitudes to the economy, their personal finances and the mortgage and property markets.

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Mortgage Trends Report (MTR)

The Mortgage Trends Report provides comprehensive and unique insights into the changing attitudes of Australians regarding the mortgage and property market.

The 2009 Mortgage Trends Report

Key themes emerging from this report include the impact an uncertain job market is having on consumers perceived ability to pay their mortgage in the year ahead, with 13% of borrowers having less than one month's mortgage repayments in reserve in the event they lose their job. The report also reveals the success of the government stimulus package, with 24% of recent first home buyers bringing forward their purchases to take advantage of additional grants.

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The 2007 Mortgage Trends Report

Declining housing affordability is driving consumers to look for non-standard mortgage products - especially those with low or no deposit required. One in eight first home buyers taking out loans in the last four years had little or no deposit. Despite renewed confidence, housing affordability is still a big concern for many non-property owners with 51% wanting to enter the market in the next 12 months and only 16% believing that they will be able to do so.

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The 2006 Mortgage Trends Report

While overall property ownership levels have increased to 69% of respondents, significant hurdles exist for those not yet on the property ladder. Saving for a deposit is the biggest barrier to entry, which is driving the trend towards higher LVR mortgages. Of those surveyed, more than 60 per cent indicated that they would either use or consider using a product with an LVR of 100%.

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RP Data Property Capital Markets Report

RP Data Property Capital Markets Report March 2012

Genworth is a co-sponsor of the RP Data Property Capital Markets Report, which was launched at the recent AB+F Mortgage Innovation Forum in Sydney. The report includes insightful analysis on current economic conditions and the Australian mortgage market.

Genworth has contributed to this report with an article on Lenders Mortgage Insurance in Capital Markets and the important role that Genworth plays in providing a second set of eyes for this sector. Genworth's Chief Risk Officer and Senior Vice President Capital Markets, Paul Caputo discusses the value of Lenders Mortgage Insurance and shares his insightful knowledge into this market.

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