Genworth Financial launches Home Grown: Mortgage Industry Perspectives

15 November 2010 - Genworth

The inaugural Genworth Financial Home Grown: Mortgage Industry Perspectives report reveals the findings of one of the most comprehensive industry surveys undertaken of the Australian mortgage market. The report features the results from a survey of over 500 industry participants from all industry segments, and includes contributions from many of you. It provides a deep-dive into the opinions of lenders, brokers and mortgage industry experts on lending volumes, changes within the market, borrower hardship and the outlook for lending.

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'Broker Roundtable: The cost of opportunity' - The Adviser

30 October 2010 - The Adviser

Lenders mortgage insurance is a misunderstood but often essential tool to help first time buyers enter the property market. The Adviser examines how veteran brokers address the topic with clients, and turn what is sometimes perceived as a negative into a positive.

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'How soon is now?'

28 October 2010 - MPA Magazine

High loan-to-value lending has played an important role in supporting the first homebuyer market in Australia since the federal government introduced lenders mortgage insurance in 1965, says Paul Caputo.

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'Leading the way in changing times'

01 October 2010 - MPA Magazine

In times of change, the quality of leadership plays a pivotal role in determining how successful a new environment will be for an industry. We are experiencing such a time, as the global mortgage industry evolves, and consequently results in changes in our approach to licensing and regulation in Australia. Paul Caputo explains.

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'New confidence index a window on homebuyer sentiment'

30 September 2010 - MPA Magazine

In order to better understand the Australian borrower, Genworth Financial has launched its Homebuyer Confidence Index to see what drives homebuyer confidence and what is affecting their property purchasing decisions. Paul Caputo explains.

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Genworth Financial launches Homebuyer Confidence Index

17 September 2010 - Genworth

Leading lenders mortgage insurer Genworth has today launched the Genworth Homebuyer Confidence Index (GHCI) - a single measure of borrower and would-be borrower sentiment.

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